A common perception about Yoga is just getting our body to different intense poses. With a recent addiction to social media, people are competing for likes and comments on social media by posting such Yoga poses. Yoga, in real meaning, is much more than doing intense poses. Becoming real Yogi does not always need a slim and flexible body. 7 years of Yoga experience has made me learned that one needs to be cleaned from inside out.

I feel Practice of yoga starts with the body and breathe. Regular practice of Yoga can lead us to increased mental well-being and concentration much needed to live a healthy life.


Being Yoga professional for quite some time in UAE, people often come to me asking would Yoga help in WEIGHT LOSS? I always say yes, though it is not the only benefit to them.  By having such affirmative response, people feel motivated and enthusiastic. That makes them practice Yoga sincerely and regularly which ultimately make them fall in love with their bodies without significant reduction of weight in few cases. This is a magic power of Yoga which teaches us to accept ourselves as we are.


Another trend among people is to get a BIKINI BODY. What is bikini body? There is no definite answer for it. It is more often a perception of people. We always don’t need to be slim to wear a bikini as it is available in all sizes. We need to accept our curves and color. Once we accept it, we can wear whatever we like.

It took me several years to realize this fact. I was feeling shy and always wearing full clothes to cover my marks. My family especially my mom and husband have encouraged me to change my perception and to have outfits of my choice which makes me feel confident. My family and friends have loved me the way I am. This support has to lead me to fall in love with my body.

To be a true yogi, one also needs to learn and practice putting EGO down, becoming tolerant to others, critics considering constructive feedback, being kind to self and family, being sensitive to others’ need. Quality of Yogi lies in accepting everyone as a human being keeping aside differences in gender, color, nationality, and sexuality.

How can we expect a healthier relationship with our society when our connection to ourselves is not stronger as needed?

Regular Yoga practice has helped me in mastering ability to forgive and abstain craving for superficial desires, which otherwise contributes to grief in our lives. One can enjoy happiness and peace of mind if these abilities are mastered.

We all have that beautiful heart. It just needs ignition to propel us on a journey of a better human being each day.

The well Known yogic text THE BHAGVAT GITA teaches us not to look outside of ourselves for happiness, but to realize that peace and happiness lie within.

  1. very unique take on yoga and creating confident self

  2. Sorry for late response but I wanted to spend some time reading your blog and think about it. You are a perfect example who can teach yoga and also motivate everyone at the same time. This blog motivated me to start yoga again since I am not able to find time in this busy life. Thanks for sharing it.. You go girl 👍🏻

  3. Wonderful ideas !!!!

  4. Thank you for your inspiring words ..

  5. A wonderful thought and very well explained about Youga. Meaning of youga and its important can’t be explain batter than this to me. You do Youga with your pure heart and you teach it with the same purity. Thank you for sharing this thought with us. Looking forwards for more blogs from you.

  6. Wonderfully written Ripal… You are sure hit the right cords on your readers’ orchestra! Keep up the good work and we hope there are many more to come!! xoxo

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  10. Excellent thoughts Ripal, you inspire us in many ways .Great job girl…,keep the journey going.👌😀

  11. Great to know. Discovery of the 2018.
    Keep it up and keep spreading the knowledge and experience.

  12. Yoga and ripal made for each other

  13. Great word #motivating….
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  14. Thank you so much rujul for your words. It means a lot for me
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    Happy new year ❤️👏

  15. Beautiful thoughts about yoga, very simply determine with live examples….
    Well done…
    You change the understanding of yoga, generally people including me think that yoga is very tough…but you & your pics make it very simple & it’s also done in sari too
    I am very much inspired by you….
    I am also trying to do yoga everyday….
    It is very beneficial for health as well as for mental peace..

  16. Excellent thoughts. Nicely crafted. Keep it up…

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