What color hair should I have and the Best 3 Apps that change hair color online

Have you seen the color of your hair in old picture and thought: “WTF”? Well, if you’re a victim of the #10yearoldchallenge,then it’s definitely a possibility – that yellow blonde of the 90s has been haunting us all month! But all the jokes aside, the color of your hair can completely change the look of your image, but if this is your first time you might get confused like what color hair should i have, so there are a few things to consider before making a deep color selection. For example, are you ready to deal with situation if you are converted really darker (or lighter)? Does your shade work on your current texture, perfect hair color for skin tones and hair health level and how to know what hair color is best for you?

These can be life changing questions – well, it’s probably quite dramatic – but these are pretty important questions about beauty, so here I tell you about the best hair color tips which will help you to be more elegant and stylish in your journey. Let’s unlock..

Key1. Choose a color according to your skin tone

Before break into the salon, armed with your celebrity saved Insta, just wait a second. Because when choosing hair color, it is important that the colors match the tone of your skin. “To determine what works, you need to know if you have a warm, cold or neutral skin tone, and one of the easiest ways to know is to look at your veins,” . If your veins are purple or blue, you’re cool,green then you are hot and If you see both, you probably have a neutral tone.

“Once you get the tone of your skin, choose different hair colors – so for cooler skin, we recommend the ash, cool beige or coppery-red to emphasize a natural glow and for warm skin, try the golden, warm beige colors, chocolate brunettes and mahogany red for a shine and underlined finish. “If you have a neutral skin tone – you’re lucky, you can easily go from cool to warm and vice versa.

Key2. Think of the climate before hush


“How much sun your hair is exposed to offers clues as to what type of processes your hair can handle”.So be careful if you are sun lovers and your mane are roasted, you can not make a complete fix. If your hair is healthy, choose “warmer winter tones and brighter and lighter in warmer months”. After all, if the appearance of your hair is already unhealthy, dying, or highlighting it will not improve your overall look.

Key3. Cut your locks before color

The color always looks extraordinary in freshly chopped, smooth hair, and your texture has a great role in deciding which service to perform.Some haircuts may look great with a solid color with a small dimension, while others with a lot of dimensions and enhance layers. Translation: always cut before color, and before the same services, be sure to talk to your stylist and colorist, so everyone will have the same page. For example, if you have your hair cut and colored to work with a naturally curly state, but always style it straight, those are things they should know up front.

Key4. Be regular in post care

The content of highlights really depends on how much you deviate from your natural base color. “For example, if you have a dark original color base, which will brighten up brighter highlights, you will need to go to the salon for more frequent check-ups every three to four weeks. “And if you have gray (damn, old!), Then you also have to engrave your nerves every two to three months,

Girlsz love the ombre-balayage spectacle. “As in the first case, you can use your natural color with enhanced highlighting, strategically located at the ends, to complement the skin tone, and if you are limited in the budget, this is the perfect type of color, because it does not require frequent touch-ups, “.

Key5. Make a connection with colored safe products

If you are not going to protect your new colored hair at home you are in danger- This is something you should not do after you put a lot of money in the salon. “A heavy conditioner / deep conditioning mask will be your next new best friend after coloring, so be sure to use it every time you wash.

TOP KEY: Coloring your hairs at comfort of your home

If you choose to take matters into your own hands and get to dying in the comfort of your own bathroom, we will not blame you. Not only it is a bit cheaper, but the home kits of colors are more advanced these days. Just make sure you know what you are doing before removing latex gloves.

“When releasing hair at home, it is good to not go more than a shade lighter or darker at a time and avoid coloring over previously colored hair so you don’t each other.” This will help to avoid excessive darkness, unwanted streaks, dryness, or breakage. “

Our 3 fav Apps to change hair color online

Source: YouCam Makeup

So, now we take into account everything you need to consider before being sunk in the color world, it’s time for a delightful part – to try out new colors and change hair color online without commitment, that is, using the app . We understand that they may not be the color you are looking for, but it will give you a better idea of ​​what the finished color will look like against your skin. Here are our three app:

YouCam Makeup:

This application has many color options; you can play all day in those colors! It also allows you to try the look of your makeup. Plus, it’s free to download.

Hair Color App:

This application is amazing, because it gives you a really realistic finished look. All you have to do is upload an image and sketch your hair to create a pattern and then color it.

Hair Color Booth App:

It looks like a hair color, but allows you to experiment with some crazy shades. So, if you’re always wondering what your hair will look like in bright pink, then this app is for you!

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