My valentine story beyond imagination

You all must be planning for best things to do on valentines day but before you go ahead checkout my valentine story and if you will read it fully I guarantee this valentine, you will think to do some changes in your plan.Lets start…Today is 14th Feb 2042 and very soon I would be leading up to my 60th birthday, how time flies and today I have so many things to do on valentines day.

 Time-04.00 AM.

I just woke up!! No, I am still not a morning person at all; I just have to finish few things before someone at home get up and notice me doing this (It’s not very acceptable by our society actually).

Ohhh I have to finish a lot of chores in just a few hrs. I have very short time, I need to find out my favorite red lipstick I don’t know where I have kept that I have not used lipsticks for so many years. OK got it, It’s here in my old wooden vanity box…I hope it has not expired, and even if it is, I will still use that, because it’s a special day.

Now looking for my lovely Red stiletto, these were one of my fav pair of footwear when I was young, but couldn’t use them much they are still looking brand new. But I am little afraid also because I am wearing my flat Scholl sandals (doctor footwear) from past many years and I don’t know whether I would be able to walk properly with heels or not but I will manage because it’s a special day.

Fashion is not what I am looking for the day although I have chosen a beautiful black shift dress, I know it’s little outdated but, I wanted to wear this because this will carry me through a busy afternoon, a casual dinner and off to a movie tonight in a presentable look, I want to look best today, because it’s a special day.

My face is blemished by freckles and blotches, and I regularly discover a new area of sag. But I’m not afraid of my skin and wrinkles today, actually, I never was. I’ve earned them! And today I will make the most of what I’ve got, because it’s a special day.

Currently, my hair are not that long but I feel happy when people call them White Hot Hair! I let my natural white hair grow through several years or more accurately I forget the concept of color during my 40’s.

I’m not overweight but I can already see my body shape slightly becoming more barrel-like. Thickening waist, saggy creepy arms, and back fat!! I am not an attractive woman by any means but I am still confident of my looks. However, I am grateful to be fit and healthy with plenty of energy.

With my hair done, make-up, nail paint and best dress on, I wish I would become little visible today, when I go out with the men I loved whole my life, I would also not mind if I could turn the few heads.

Time-04.00 PM

I think I should get ready as I have to leave home before my children return back from the office and grandchildren from their classes.

 Time-05.30 PM

Ohhh I am taking too much time on my lipstick, when I was young I just required half a minute for my perfect application. Ok, it’s done not perfect but nice.

Time-.5.45 PM

To reach on time I need to leave home before 6 as he doesn’t like to be late being a navy officer for 20 yrs. Finally the day has come, which I have promised my men years before. Anyways I am almost ready for the special day.

Time-5.50 PM

Doorbell rings!!!

My Son with my daughter in law

Hi Mom, You look different but nice!

Mom, we are going to the dinner and movie today as its valentine day, I hope you will be at home so will you please take care of kids at home as we might get late? We also have ordered dinner for all of you at home only, so not to worry about that.


OK don’t worry, I and your dad will take care, enjoy your day, because it’s a special day.

This is my 60th valentines day story . I know you didn’t like the end!! I also didn’t like!!


But this is what the reality is, this is what we are doing with our parents. Parents are those who have done countless sacrifices every moment, and they will continue doing that.

It’s time to return back and plant a smile on their face.

We rarely see the old couple around us who are enjoying this great time, sometimes maybe in television or movies only, and that is why younger generation seems to deny the concept of life in old age. However, life in old age is as authentic and valid as in youth and as far as health is concern aging or getting old doesn’t mean a decline in health or emotional well being. If you want it can drastically be improved with the help of exercise and right lifestyle.

I am 36 going to be 37 in a couple of days but I don’t feel any age in particular! And I certainly do not want to shrink into the background wearing beige…I don’t feel at all out of touch with college teens (although they may think I am)

Maybe one day my age might bother me but I don’t see that on the horizon anytime soon. And once it will come I promise to myself I will make every day count.

So to finish everyone’s story on a happy node-

This Valentine, arrange a romantic date for your parents also. They will never ask for that but they will cherish the moment lifelong.


And for the lovely old parents (If you are reading my post) don’t just wear beige, it might kill you!! Life has lot more colors left for you. Rediscover yourself with them and come out from your preconceived notion, life is still beautiful and will always be. You also have so many things to do on valentines day.


Dr. Margaret Mead, an American author, and anthropologist said

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can make a change in the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’”

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