12 Do’s and Don’ts while choosing the perfect heels if you are petite

Some women obsess over handbags, but for others shoes are the apple of their eye, and I come under second category. I love experimenting on my foot fall, sometimes to show off my new dress or jeans, and sometimes just to accentuate the illusion of height, as human eye is easy to trick all we need is illusion of tall and slim look with right choice of footwear.Here with this blog acquire style tips for short women and learn how to select perfect heels for short legs.

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’says Marilyn Monroe

However I don’t agree elfin or petite should always look for six inch stiletto at all times. Being comfortable can still means fashionable, and thanks to the great choice of stylish flats and boots for short legs available all over the world where you don’t have to compromise your style for comfort. But if you want extra height, below are some style tips for petite ladies and quick Do’s and Don’t for those of you who wish to accentuate your height.

Nude Heels your BFF


Purchase a try of nude heels. “Nude” during this sense, refers to the shade that closely blends in together with your skin tone. As a result, you add length onto your leg whereas creating it obvious that your further length comes from the heels.

Live your life high with Classic Pumps and Stiletto


Classic pumps come in various heel sizes but none of them are very high or very narrow, Pumps can be worn as casuals as well as formal shoes where as Stiletto Worn by women on formal and festive occasions as they have usually thin heel of 1 inch to 10 inches.Both pump and stiletto can produce the illusion of longer length, making your legs look a lot of slender and engaging.

Go crazy with Peep Toes


Shoes with peep toes are a good choice because they tend to elongate the foot and thus make you look taller

Don’t be afraid of Pointed toe



When choosing a toe, opt for a pointed front so that it will add length.

Be stylish with your Comfy Shoes 


If you’re travelling, I suggest leaving the uncomfortable shoes at home. But that doesn’t mean you need to bring ugly running shoes. I suggest a pair of cute sneakers, loafers, flat boots, and a pair of comfortable sandals.

 Big NO to Wedges



Women love wedges because they gives additional steadiness when walking. However, the large soles of any wedge shoes increase a heavy look to the leg.

Avoid Shoes with Chunky Heels



Like wedges, shoes with big, chunky heels might give women more steadiness while walking, but again, the large heel doesn’t actually contribute to a short woman’s look. This heel style is not pleasing because it will make legs looks more short and heavier.

Better to be on ground


There is nothing wrong with a little platform  for a short woman, and certainly, it will provide a little lift, but shoes with thrilling platforms make a short woman appear almost as though she’s walking on poles, which I feel not exactly the style statement any women would like to make.

 Don’t wrap, avoid wearing ankle straps



If you have short legs and you choose to wear a style that wraps around your leg or ankle, you are going to give an illusion of short leg instead of long one. And even if you want to choose go for thin straps that sit low on the ankle that are nude or skin tone, which will help to elongate your legs.

Avoid square or rounded toes

Do not ever go for square or rounded toes as they will only make your legs look shorter.

Escape from kitten or slip on heels


If you choose to wear heels that are short, try to make sure, they are at least 2” in order to give you some lift. Anything shorter than that and you can find a pair of flats that would be much more attractive than a short kitten heel.

Dress boots for petites:Avoid Mid-calf boot


Can petite wear over the knee boots ?Yes boots for short legs that end at mid-calf make a horizontal line right across the thickest part of the calf. Not only does this break up the appearance of a long, slim leg, but it also introduces a cut-off line. A much better style choice is a sleek, knee-high boot or ankle booties for short legs.

Thank me later

If you choose to wear shoes with higher heels, bring an extra, shorter pair just in case. Read ‘the science of wearing heels‘ to see the implications of wearing high heels in the long term.

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