Super easy DIY hair mask for long smooth and soft hairs

DIY- Milk and honey hair mask

Worried about your dry, dull, Moisture less hair? Time to pamper them with super easy mocktail especially for them, which will help to keep them hydrated and healthy!

I am sure we are all guilty of paying closer attention to our skincare than we do to hair care.

The endless exposure to harsh weather conditions along with the stress of styling products and tools is the ultimate formula for dry, fragile and rough hair and many of the time we rush to the nearest drug store and fill our basket with so many promising products. But do they really work? Our hair constantly is in need of a little pick-me-up but these so-called best products actually do nothing instead of loading our hairs with lot more chemicals.

As you know that our kitchen is loaded with full of natural ingredient and trust me some of the most effective hair masks can actually be made by using these natural products by yourself.  Whatever your hair concern is – be it oily, dry, frizzy or dull locks or hair fall – a quick search in your kitchen cupboards may actually hold the solution.

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Milk and Honey hair mask

Milk for hair:

You might be aware that your hairs are made-up of proteins, and this protein is so much essential for tissue growth and repair. In milk, there are two types of proteins, casein and whey and both can benefit your hair.

Primary amino acid glutamine is present in Casein in a large amount,  which helps in stimulating your hair follicle growth cycle making them strong and healthy.

Whey, which is a byproduct of cheese-making, when applied topically gives numerous benefits to hairs-It prevents hair loss, Making your hair strong by strengthening hair follicles.  Whey also took as a nutritional supplement to help build muscle mass.

Milk’s holds a good amount of fat content and this creamy texture works best for your hair texture, It helps in stealing moisture from your hair thereby work as the best natural conditioner. That is why whole milk for hair works better as compared to skim milk for hair while dealing with dry and rough hair naturally.


Honey’s natural property of humectant helps in softening of hairs by sealing the moisture. It also helps in firming of hair follicle thereby making your hair more strong and healthy from within.

Take 50-100 ml milk and 1-2 tbs Honey

Mix both these ingredients and put in a spray bottle and you are ready with your mocktail! just spray onto your hair, let it sit for at least for half an hr and then wash as usual with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.

You are ready with your super glossy, silky hairs which will not only complete your look but also make you look: More beautiful! More confident!More Elegant!

Do try this hair mask and share your experience with me!


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