Meilin lipstick review-Blue meilin star original lipstick

Meilin lipstick review-blue meilin star original lipstick

When it calls shopping there is one thing which always strikes my mind and makes me super excited “LIPSTICK”.

lipstick is something which makes me happy, which make me more confident, for me lipstick is beyond makeup. I have an entire shelf dedicated to lipsticks, even though I will be a genii pig for you girls as a beauty blogger but when it comes to lipstick I definitely own more high-end brands than those from a super drug. The reason I guess is the luxuriousness of higher end lipsticks and I never felt guilty until I used meilin lipstick.

I heard so much nice thing about this lipstick but initially I was pretty reluctant and was not ready to trust but later on one of my friend pushes me to give a try, as she was a die-hard fan of this brand to be honest just to make her happy I just bought one shade initially and guess what it was just FAB!, I was so happy that I bought five more shade shades the very next day, in total I have six meilin lipstick shades non transfer lipstick and the shades are:

Gold purple-bronze (Shade-G881)

Deluxe (Shade-N866)

Creamy (Shade-900)

Vermilion (Shade-853)

Pure Red (Shade-821)

Magenta (Shade-817)

Blue meilin star original lipstick:  

Product Description:

Meilin lipstick-4gm, the lightweight formula glides on a thin coat of color as it sets to a matte, transfer free finish with amazing staying power.


They come in a sleek plastic tube blue color packaging which is cute but need to handle with care as it is not very durable.


The best thing about this amazing lipstick is its affordable price which is Rs/-185-210 (depends on the place you purchase)


The texture of this one is quite thin and very light-weight, however, the slightly drying texture of the product does accentuate the fine lines on your lips but that is the case even with many high-end brands (to avoid that always  scrub your lips before applying any matte lipstick, the best thing is it doesn’t bleed and dries down in few seconds.


They are highly pigmented and goes on evenly to make you perfect party women, they have a very mild scent which goes off within few minutes of application.

Staying Power:

Here is the another best thing with this lipstick it stays on your lips for more than 6-8 hr. which I feel is very good with this budget-friendly product, however, if you had a full meal you might have to touch up within the center of your lips but that’s ok as this is the common problem with all the lipsticks.

Pros of Meilin  Lipstick:

Light-weight texture

Good pigmentation


It applies smoothly and evenly

No bleeding

Long staying power


Cons of Meilin Lipstick :


Ingredients are not mentioned

Not completely transfer proof

I love this as a little alternative to an ordinary lipstick as I find they are a lot more long-lasting.

Final verdict:

BUY BUY BUY Go for it Gals!!!!

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