Korean beauty: Trend or trend setter for Indian women

When it comes to beauty, it requires commitment! Commitment not just from your side but from the products side as well and while searching the best products we come across so many dilemmas and finally we get spoiled for choices. Beauty industry is growing in many folds every year and lots of new brands are coming every new day. But there is one beauty slice which is unstoppable and continues to be in the big news all over the world is –“KOREAN BEAUTY”.
Do you know Korean Beauty (or K-Beauty) is said to be seven years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of beauty innovation?
It’s been said that if you’re looking for fashion, look to Italy; and if you’re looking for beauty, look to Korea, be it innovation, technology, effectiveness, and frankly, affordability, Korean beauty is the world leading brand, and other Countries look to them for cool innovations, and to see what the next beauty trend will be!

So why is Korean beauty or K-beauty?

Koreans take serious care of their skin. Everything they do—what they eat, what they wear—revolve around protecting their skin. Koreans really believe in the beauty of a flawless skin. As per my understanding, the Koreans are more into skin care than make-up. They would rather get rid of imperfections such as dark circles and acne mark, then hide it with make-up. However, it takes some hard work to have a clear skin. But for them, it is actually an enjoyable, meditative end to the day, a way to relax, and a way that Korean women spend time with each other.

Skincare, truly, is a part of their culture, which comes down to two things: internal and external skincare.
Internal skincare— what they eat: collagen-dense, probiotic-packed foods such as fish skin and kimchi.
External skincare— what they do and wear: lots of sunscreen, lots of exfoliating.

Things that differentiate Korean skincare are…

Pricing- Korean skincare is often more affordable.

Incorporation of new, innovative and well-researched ingredients (sometimes wearied like donkey milk) snail mucin, starfish extract, horse oil, birds nest etc.

They try to use mostly natural products and minimum amount of chemical in it.

And last quality of the product is always rich as compared to any other country’s brand in the market.

Korean beauty skin care routine:

While a typical Korean might include multi-step (10 Steps) beauty routine but two of the most important elements of Korean skincare is exfoliation and the use of serum.

Step 1: Cleansing oil
Step 2: Cleansing foam (they do this ‘double-cleansing’ to properly remove all their makeup and dirt residue)
Step 3: Exfoliate
Step 4: Toner
Step 5: Essence/Serum
Step 6: Ampule
Step 7: Sheet mask (they use masks frequently to moisturize and for other functions)
Step 8: Eye cream
Step 9: Moisturizers
Step 10: Sunscreen (during the day)

Most women usually go for all-in-one cream – but not Korean women. For Koreans, long-lasting results can only be achieved with patience and the right beauty knowledge. They don’t rely on one multi-tasking product or those 3-in-1 creams that promise to do it all. They have strict skin care routine, and they are careful to find out which products go well together.

I’ve tried out a huge selection of Korean products from different brands, both cosmetics and skincare and a lot form the staples of my everyday makeup bag and skincare routine. Their products are effective enough that you’ll see the result whether you prefer a three-step or ten-step routine.

My favorite Korean products are:

1. Silicone Primers
2. Cushion Compacts
3. Sheet Mask

My favorite Korean Brands are:

1. The face shop
2. Innisfree
3. Citra

These brands are easily available in India online as well as in drugstores.

But while purchasing skincare, it is important to know which ingredients will be beneficial for your skin type or to treat your personal skin issues. Another important factor is to STICK TO YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE! Your skin benefits from good skincare habits over time.

I feel beauty is when you can appreciate yourself when you can love yourself from within and taking care of your skin with products and little extra efforts is a choice, an investment and a guarantee for the future, literally.

What is your take on about Korean beauty products?

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