Dove Top Products Review 2019 and a new little member in my dove family

I am a huge fan of Dove and my love for this brand is not just of 5-6 years ,I am attached with dove since my childhood time, when we use to give new year wishes among friends with those cute archies cards,use to bring a VCR on rent to watch a full night matinee show(3 movies one after one),when there were no smart TV but a cute big TV(not really?)with an antenna on terrace and of course one premium product which was every school girl favorite .(mine also)”Dove soap”.

Washing your face with dove bar soap:

Where so many other soaps were available at 8-10 Rs budget, dove was at 55 still the favorite one, for me that was not just soap but a status to discuss among friends. Though I didn’t use that for bath initially(maybe my pocket money didn’t allow me ) I only use that soap for cleaning my face.I am sure you might be having so many memories about washing your face with dove bar soap.

Dove Shampoo and Conditioner:

Then came another member of my dove family. Dove shampoo and conditioner, I am all about thicker hairs coz I always had an issue with my hair texture, they were so frizzy too much hair fall problem, dry and unmanageable. Somehow, I have managed to find some really amazing ways that have worked for me ( mostly from my kitchen)but constantly looking for other ways as well! Since I have always trust dove so I bought dove shampoo and conditioner when they came to market and trust me it’s been more than 20 years now that I am loyal to my dove affair. My hairs are much better than before; shiny, soft, manageable it actually made my hairs super healthy, the only thing which didn’t work on my hair was my hair fall problem(not always but sometimes). So hair fall shampoo was not my favorite.

Dove body spray:

I also added dove body spray in my dove family a few years back.

STOP THE SWEATING BEFORE IT STARTS! Dove deodorants are designed to keep protected and ready at all times, they have a full basket to choose as per your skin requirements but my all time favorite is Dove whitening.

The reason why I am so obsessed with this brand is still a question for me itself whether they are so good, they are affordable enough or they are my childhood friend don’t know, but I really adore them.

dove baby products review:

Recently 2 months back I took another step by adding another little member in my dove family , which was not for me but for my little world my baby who has just celebrated his third birthday . 3years back when he came into my life I did a lot of research on baby products and chosen pigeon as his best buddy.

I was completely happy with his existing hair and body wash but sometimes I found it difficult to carry a huge bottle (900ml) along with me so I started my research again and saw dove baby care range. Without even giving a second thought I bought that *small cute bottle of hair to toe baby wash for my baby and gave my baby’s skin in dove hands ( that is called trust, I feel !) It’s a great formula which is effective and hydrating ( even better than baby dove soap bar), tear-free and free of harmful chemicals so if you are looking for a small and budget-friendly baby wash this could be your choice.

Has anyone who has tried this dove range?
Or has anyone who has tried hair fall shampoo and it worked?


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