The Face shop sheet mask review: Lingzhi mushroom, longan and Pearl sheet mask

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OKAY, let me begin by saying, that face shop products (especially face shop pearl mask  is my all time favorite) are meant to get on prime of girl’s beauty necessities list. I actually have been a large fan of mask sheets and I was introduced to Face shop sheet mask by one of my BFF who was a colossal fan herself.

The reviews are all mine as always and supported my personal expertise with every item, I do understand that many of you would possibly not have the interest to know additional regarding mask or sheets; I’m reviewing here if that’s the case simply skip to the subsequent one.

for me sheet mask is crazy, they’re really easy and convenient to use, even my mariner typically use it and love  it (although he never expresses however, I can guess along with his facial expression he he).

Let me be very honest, these sheet masks don’t seem to be meant to form u look any fairer (I feel no skin care product can do that job) they’ll solely impart the glow and illuminate your skin tone.

 let’s begin to know additional regarding sheet mask…

How to use:

A sheet mask is a single use facial mask, with a face shaped fibrous sheet covered with some skin serum, U simply have to be compelled to open the pouch and placed the sheet on your face(Don’t forget your cleansing and Toning of the face before putting mask).

Now the rest time has begin. For me, rest time was like FOREVER…..! once I say forever I mean like nearly one hour., but but but the most effective part is that it’s so convenient to carry, that sometimes you would possibly forget that you just have to be compelled to take away your mask sheet (Am I obtaining bit over?) honestly while using these mask sheet I even finished my house chores very easily, these mask don’t slip or slide around once they’re on your skin, that’s the thing I adore about them! after about one hour I gently massage or pat the surplus serum rather than washing my face and there u GO…

Face shop offers a range of mask as per your skin kind and purpose, nowadays I’d review 3 sheet mask employed by me.

The Face shop sheet mask with Lingzhi Mushroom Extract, longan Tree Fruit Extract and solution brightening sheet mask(Pearl)

What these sheet mask claim:

With our special manner of extracting ingredient from oriental herbs, that are grounded, roasted and decoded in an ancient manner provides natural moisture and nourishment to the skin. The air hole inside the sheets contains many nutritional essences.

The Face shop sheet mask with Lingzhi Mushroom Extract:

What is Lingzhia:

Lingzhi mushroom is undisputed a herb that has given folks a healthier and longer life and their advantages don’t seem to be limited up to one organ of the body however to the total body, they’re such an honest antioxidant. They’re of various kind and every kind owned special properties, eventually, black and Red Lingzhi mushrooms are enclosed in premier skin care product.

Red lingzhi considered as a king of all the type and few of their advantages are:

Cure dead skin caused by UV rays and free radical.

Stimulate cell division.

Slow down premature aging by eliminating free radical and increase our cell oxygen intake.

Work as power detoxifier therefore improve our overall skin texture.

What it claims:

The mask sheet drenched with Lingzhi extract firm and helps to enhance the drooping or dull skin.

How well it performed:

My skin feels extremely nourished, hydrated and didn’t face any breakouts post using this. The formula is nice for all skin kind, it conjointly helps to cover my dry patches instantly, this mask brought the glow back and created my tired skin seem healthy, this mask is specially developed to firm the skin though I don’t have that saggy skin however still expected a pleasant firmed up skin and it did its job absolutely.

The impact lasts for 2-3 days solely therefore if you’ve got functions to attend then choose it before your makeup, your face can grow to be an ideal canvas to capture the colors. I like the end result this mask sheet leaves. It tightens, cool and does well in creating me feel alive from within.

The Face shop sheet mask with longan Tree fruit Extract:

What is Longan:

Longan fruit originated in China and later unfold across the world. they’re from lychee family and have brown and fragile skin, very organic process as they contain wealthy quantity of water-soluble vitamin and minerals like Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and metallic element and wealthy in vitamin A.

They need high anti-oxidant properties which offer uncounted health profit, they improve our skin health in many ways few are:

Minimize peeling and cracking of delicate skin particularly around our eyes.

Provides anti-aging advantages.

Improve skin tone.

Relieve stress.

What it claims:

The  sheet mask covered serum with nutrients wealthy longan, revitalizes and nourishes tired skin.

How well it performed:

Longan smells fruity and might be very robust for a few, for me it absolutely was very tough to bear that smell for initial 5-7 min, then again it gets slows down. If I cite the after impact this mask lighted my skin and my skin looked hydrous and refreshed immediately.

The Face shop solution brightening sheet mask (Pearl):

The packaging of this specific mask is incredibly engaging, these little envelopes with a pic of test tube bottle on the front simply screamed ‘TRY ME’!

What it claims:

The super moisturizing essence containing pearl extract and niacin amide brightens a boring complexion and helps maintain a clean perfect look.

How well it performed:

The solution sheet mask in all probability the best-shaped mask fits on my face better than others. My combination skin became more balanced, more even tone and texture I’d say and more moisturized. overall they worked on my clogged angry pores very well, this mask has become a permanent fixture in my skincare routine and that I forever look forward to using them.

Glow lasts for 2-3 days max, therefore, ladies this can be a good brightening skin care product on the go and ideal to hold in your bag before a vacation or party.

Final verdict:

I liked these sheet mask only if I want some instant smoothing impact for my skin it’s also a stronger option while traveling, otherwise, I don’t think I want to use an Alcohol loaded mask (Yes they do contain alcohol ) simply to induce sleek skin on regular basis.

So girlzzz think before buying….


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