Why Yoga? How to introduce it to your kids daily routine?

Being a Yoga professional, Parents often ask me that, how can they introduce Yoga to their kids?

In today’s “JOHNY JOHNY WORLD”, our kids are exposed to stress and lots of electronic gadgets. We, as parents’ also feel safe when our kids are inside the home because of ever-increasing pollution and crimes.

Yoga helps kids to disconnect from electronic devices. Breathing & Meditation help them to reduce their stress and improve concentration.

Since early childhood days, I was exposed to exercises Read more about me, hence I was always excited to introduce Yoga to my daughter.

Here in this blog, I am sharing few techniques to connect your kids to physical activities through Yoga.

Do your daily practice in presence of kids

Me and my spouse practice Yoga in the presence of our daughter. This technique has encouraged her to learn few Yoga poses. Generally, Kids grab many things by observing us. Hence this technique works best with kids and toddlers.

Animal yoga for kids

Kids love animals. We can have some fun by practicing many animals poses with them. This will make it interesting to them.

Introduction of Partner poses

Kids have parties for various occasions. Theme parties are also very common in kids’ parties. Yoga can be one of the theme for such parties where kids pair and make funny poses.

Connect them to nature


Kids feel bored when it comes to seat silently. I am taking Kids Yoga batch and when it comes to meditation, I generally use a different technique. I ask them to meditate in a tree pose rather than seating silently. Sometimes, I use candle meditation and one pointed meditation for them.

Kids love when they are able to do few crazy poses. So whenever my students are feeling bored in session, I take them to the beach or nearby garden and we do funny poses like, walking in the frog pose or doing loud jumping jacks or numbers of sun salutations. This helps them to feel connected to nature.

(Never push your kids for any physical activity, rather engage them in some funny physical activities.Always seek advice from Kids Yoga Professional before teaching any pose to your kids. )

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