5 Best drugstore beauty products for your skin your ultimate go to glow

Do you know many of my favorite skin care products like emolene come from chemist or drug store? Because of the simple reason for working in the pharma field so many years, I know that before coming into the market these products have to face so many tests, trials and scientific formulas to be more effective than your other cosmetic creams  and there are plenty of best drugstore beauty products available in Indian market.One of my favorite product is emolene moisturiser and today i will be reviewing everything about emolene, emolene cream uses,emolene cream side effects along with few more products alongside.

Now you must be thinking: are these creams original and should be safe for use? So personally I find them very effective as they have higher percentages & refined versions of “active ingredients”. Yes their packaging are not that much attractive and most of these creams are basic moisturizers but they are completely safe for use. However, after saying this, please note that I am not a dermatologist and do contact a dermatologist before using them. Especially if you have acne or sensitive skin.

So without any delay or further frills, I have a quick list of drug store products which I like the most and some face brightness tips:

Emolene moisturiser

INR-120- for 50gms

Six months ago I discovered emolene tube in my friend’s closet and since then there is always a tube in my closet too. It is a water-based lotion instead of cream. Active ingredient of this cream is “urea”. Urea is usually found in healthy skin cells and helps lock moisture and water.

how to use emolene cream- I like to use it as a non-sticky lotion during the day as a face-pack by putting a thin layer on the face and allowing is to sit on skin at least for 15-20 min to completely absorb it before wiping off the remaining one.

Now must be thinking about emolene cream side effects so to that honestly I do not use it very often on face since it is a keratolytic in nature- means it leads to dead skin cells loosen and shedding away. The second weakness is the metal tube. After a short period it starts developing cracks and holes with those places which bends into folds. Earlier I used to bring it in my bag, but now I keep it either in fridge or in an air tight box. I wish it comes in another strong and sturdy packaging so that it is suited for travel also.

Elovera Cream

INR 225- for 75 gm

This is a great way as your life saver when your skin is being neglected for so many days and you find it difficult to nourish and pull back the life in your skin. Just a light application at night and you will move towards soft, smooth skin. It is not very fancy or decorative rather a basic cream with no frills, but it works magically. Earlier I really liked to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly but now I this has captured the undying place in my closet because it is light and very impressive I would like to use it in the night because it might feel little greasy during day.

Wunder Eye Cream

INR-500- for 15gm

Honestly I dint like the name, but the product is really good. If you have dark circles and basically due to thin skin or weaknesses then this is the one you were waiting for, it works best. Before viewing the results, it should be used for three consecutive weeks. And you have to keep on using it – this treatment is not permanent, if you stop using it you will be back on same within few weeks. But unlike other eye creams, it works and does not behave just as moisturizer so you can lessen the application may be from once a day to once in three days but you can’t stop completely. It is really a good product made by Glenmark Pharma for those horrible dark under eye circles.

Salicylix – SF 6%

INR-100 for 50gm

 Pimples are dangerous when it goes to me and here is my secret formula for treating those unwanted pimples.  Petroleum jelly base formula salicylix sf6 with 6% salicylic acid which helps in prevents skin from drying out. Manufactured by Dr.Reddy, I like this unique formulation in green colored tube as it is very effective against my acne and clean them in just one day. Be careful while using it, because it is very tough. It is a strong skin exfoliator and can make your skin more susceptible for sunburn. Always try to use this as spot treatment and preferably at night. They also have 12% salicylic acid concentration in orange color tube which is used for warts and other stuff and not recommended without medical supervision. So buy carefully.

Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

INR-200 – for 125 ml

Cetaphil and acne- one of the most popular Pharmacy skin Care products for acne prone skin. Most of the girls, when their skin gets worse and they need a  high back-up product this product comes on their shelf as a best cleanser. This is a lotion-based soft cleaner and does exactly the same as it claims.

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