Distressed Fashion Trend: Why are Ripped Jeans popular

The old neighbor I call him uncle, who often use to return from walking with his four dogs, wearing old jeans that are slightly tattered and have the required 2.5 holes (maybe not fashionably placed) mud-splashed, hair messed and jumper hanging off his shoulder. Suddenly, he has become fashionable or at least he looks fashionable with a look which is not possible to recreate without the help of four dogs, a love of mud, and stagnant water.Still not getting my point? I am talking about distressed jeans or tattered clothes or ripped jeans have you ever thought like me that damm why are ripped jeans popular and are ripped jeans still in style.

Who started the ripped jeans trend?

lets check out that actually who started the ripped jeans trend -It begins with a group of people who wanted to take rebel, and started slashing their own jeans themselves; this is how they made ripped or distressed jeans a symbol of a rebel.

If I look at the history denim was actually made by Loeb Strauss, a German entrepreneur who changed his name to Levi and founded the denim brand. His hunt for denim was to create a strong, durable piece by using twilled cotton cloth, especially for the working class people.
If you are not aware back 70’s, jeans were only intended for the working-class, and too casual for the likes of businessmen and professionals. Jeans- A work clothes. At that time jeans only got distressed and holes in them when you wore them for WORK and fabric erode with holes and decay itself, then you patched them up so they lasted that bit longer. Exactly like how some of today’s new fashion looks.

Distressed Fashion trends or Fashion victim

This rebel fashion is now everywhere. I saw a young woman on the train with distressed jeans. I was deeply tempted to hand her few coins and tell her to head off down to get some new pair of trousers. The other day a women I saw literally had more rip than denim, they were barely jeans left at all… What do you call them? They are nothing but a fashion victim I guess. Crazy trend!
Last month I and my husband went for shopping for a new jean and after checking the latest trend in shopping malls he decided his old jeans of ten years were in better condition than the ones on sale, he still hasn’t bought any. Guess he’s waiting for the holes to appear.

When I was a kid only poor children had holes in their trousers, obviously, if a person cannot afford to purchase new pants, they may continue carrying them over and over without their own personal preference and this fake poverty look is insulting those real people who can’t afford decent clothes.
I am not including all ripped or distressed denim where craftily they have created few patches and cuts, some really look quite cool. I myself have few in my closet. But I’ll never forget what my mom said the first time I bought my first pair of distressed jeans: “You bought them like that? And it got me thinking.

Image: 17online.com

image:Fame flynet

I am talking about the huge gaping holes versions which look completely ridiculous. More like they’ve just walked out of an accident lol or they all look as if the moths have had a field day.

image: Instagram


I guess I’m just showing my age little more.

I just don’t understand why a person buying intentionally damaged clothes at high prices? or would want to destroy a perfectly normal pair of jeans!

what’s wrong with humans? Just because you are image-obsessed idiots!

I really cannot understand the current “fashion”
People squinting in the sun while a pair of designer sunglasses sits on their head…
I believe designers are having a laugh at our expense, they know all sheep are desperate to follow fashion trends weather stupid or not. These ‘Fashion gurus’ are taking us all for a ride. For them, we are an idiot with money.
If this is the trend and people love it I am wondering what’s next…

A shoe with the soles coming off…
Cardigans with the elbows worn out….

Another thing which is worse than this is men with their pants hanging low, and showing their underpants. The ridiculous look and wearing a jacket on one shoulder and off the other….

To conclude I just wanted to put one quote:
“I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it”. Says Edith Sitwell

How you take this fashion trends? Share your views on my below-mentioned points.

1. Are distressed jeans a good look?
2. Apparently, they symbolize rebellion- what are they rebelling against? And do you also have an urge to rebel?
3. Are people who adorn ripped jeans followers of fashion or just fashion victim?
4. Does the look ooze style or class?