Deep dark secret behind the word anti ageing

College life is the most beautiful life, we always cherish our college days. Recently after 14 odd years I got a chance to meet my old college girlfriends in a college function which was specially organized for their pass out students, and without giving a second thought I literally jumped there. Because I was so eager to meet my college buddies and I must tell u that day was awesome, I felt like I am still in the same teenage zone. We were chatting, eating, hanging around,day was running so fast and then suddenly our discussion shifted towards women’s most favorite topic beauty.

Being a beauty blogger they all started throwing so many questions related to makeup and beauty product, and then one question came to me and really pissed me off was“which are the best Anti-aging products for our skin as we all are going to hit 40 in couple of few years so we should start thinking on that line”.

I remain quiet for sometimes, and then smiled and said, “Belief in you! We all are beautiful and will always just stay positive, eat healthily and laugh as much as possible” that’s the only mantra from my side to feel young from inside not just outside.

I don’t know why but whenever I heard the term “anti” I feel like entire notion sounds like a protest, a group of women, of all ages, protesting against aging!I guess there is no such thing as Anti-Age and never has been. We can’t go backward, age is not something to be battled or be against, it’s something to be celebrated and, well, optimized!

For me “Age” is just a number”, a number that doesn’t reflect how I feel from inside, it’s a privilege, not something to be ashamed of, then why we are using such terms even we simply cannot reverse the procedure. Time never stops, it will keep on running.

When it comes to skin-care, I fairly like the phrase” For grown-up/mature skins” on a pot of face cream. Simple, truthful, and helpful! What u thinks?

Unfortunately, beauty brands and magazines are the foremost offender behind this ugly term as they still want you to use the term “anti-aging” as keywords. Why do they equate age with ugliness?

BUT it’s about repair time! I hope they will come up with the term that is dignified and non-patronizing.

I always say our “Face is a canvas and everything on it shows the life that, we have lived”. As I age, my canvas changes… and I embrace it and have fun to decorate my changing canvas!! On this changing canvas, time also paints a beautiful picture of us by adding some extra lines and strokes that we have earned while making our life more meaningful. i think we should be proud of this journey.

Cosmetics are just to feel natural and healthy as we need medicine to keep fit, but it doesn’t mean that I am against skin care products, I do like to use a creamy, super-hydrating moisturizer or serum at night to keep my skin well moisturized as I also want to look nice and healthy and want my skin protected. But I don’t get tempted so quickly with these fancy marketing gimmicks, which makes some huge claims but at the end, their effect is mostly temporary or superficial.

Instead of just relying 100% on these decorative products I believe in eating healthy, staying hydrated, exercise and avoiding the sun is way more effective than any miracle cream. On days when I drink plenty of water and eaten lots of veggies my skin looks at it its best.

So do believe you are beautiful. You are now and you will be tomorrow. Look confident, content and be happy for living long enough to see the perfect picture of you. Love yourself and look gracious.

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