My 4 weeks hydration therapy for healthy and beautiful skin

So, I have a confession to make- I have never been a good water drinker and lack of hydration or i should say dehydration always showed on my skin. Little porous, thicker and a little wrinkler. Juggling from drug store to high-end brands for years, I couldn’t find something very impressive, either they were noneffective or they were temporary.

I have always heard models drink lot of water and whatever they use one thing is always common among them, they always give credit of their flawless skin to water (Truly I have always heard it from every beauty icon) but I always think “how realistic is that”. Then one day by chance I noticed my Mother-In-Law skin who is a big-time aquaholic and what I saw was unbelievable, other than few lines here and there (She is touching 60 next year) She looks more youthful then me (Should I feel happy for her, I wish I could), She literally has no pores, no blemishes, no dark circles or sunken eyes, In short, her skin was flawless.

I start noticing few more people who drink plenty of water and see a lot of similarities in their skin.

I could also see the reverse on people whom I know didn’t drink sufficient water, their skin was like mine who didn’t have that same healthy looking even complexion so I was bit convinced to at least try drinking more water.

Now the hardest battle for me was to change my childhood habit overnight so I find a way to get more water by using individual bottles in every room of my home and I set out my target to just double my water intake what I usually would, that means now I was plan to drink anywhere between 3-3.5 liters of water in a day. Honestly, I was not expecting some miracle to my skin in just 30 days but water actually proved a magic bullet for my skin.

Examine my skin:

I tried to examine everything about my face as much as possible so that I can differentiate at the end of 4 weeks. My skin was dry, tight and flaky, Skin tone was little dull, more redness and blotchiness on the whole face but the major concern I noticed was my pores which were so firm and less flexible that even after applying makeup they were clearly visible, Thankfully I didn’t notice any dark circle under my eyes.


Believe me or not but I didn’t notice anything, I wanted my pores to look less firm but my skin was same, they didn’t look smaller, might be I was not able to notice from my naked eyes, then I put little makeup and the result was same(Sad) but I determined to persist and continue.


I didn’t see any difference in my pores again but my skin was less dry and my face was not dull, I would not say my face was glowing but dullness was for sure not noticeable. Now another thing which I noticed was my makeup application which was little smooth and my pores were less visible after makeup (Not gone but my face just looked smooth, Oh I have to pee more!!)


Okay so this was the weak I realized water is what I actually need, now my pores were the first thing I noticed they were more pliable, tighter. My skin was so smooth and makeup looked completely different, after every passing day my skin continued to look glowing and youthful.


Water is going to become my habit. I met with me in a completely different way, this is new me, my skin looked flawless with or without makeup and the result which actually shocked me was my pore size which reduced by 70-80%(Isn’t it Ahhhhmazzzing). I am officially hooked on drinking water.

It’s been more than one month, although I still don’t have mesmerizing skin but am happy. Now I actually believe on those beauty icons who always use to say water is the secret of their healthy skin. I realized I never drank required amount of water and my skin and body always get paid for that, and just by working on my water intake made a huge difference in my skin.

Just think about it-Skin is our largest organ, accounting for roughly 16% of our body weight, and our body is made up of 60% of water (Pretty crazy). Drinking water is an imp and easy way (now I can say) to help the skin appearance. Our skin needs moisture from outside that is skin care products but it also need moisture from inside that is with water.

What Else:

Not just your skin that will thank u for the extra moisture rather water is imp in function of every organ in your body.

Water aids in body’s natural detoxification process and removes toxins from your skin it is massively beneficial for weight loss.

It helps your body to metabolize fat and turn it into energy. Do you know liver turns fat into energy (yes I am not kidding) but due to insufficient water supply to kidney, liver helps kidney to flush out toxins and sadly forget to do his own job So the mantra of weight loss is-

More water=Smiling kidney=Working liver=Burning Fat=Toned body


I really couldn’t believe what a big sin I was doing with my skin for years. Not only my skin looks better but now with more water intake have started to sweat more, which is a good thing(only I have to carry my body spray along Ha Ha). Sweating helps your body to remove toxins and unclog pores, which is body’s natural process of detoxification.

To the extent, I am completely obsessed with drinking water. Water is like sunscreen (I believe) everyone talks about but very less believes and does. But I promise if you do you will see a huge impact both inside and outside of your body.


How do you keep your skin hydrated?

Share if you have some other different and easy ways to incorporate more water into your life?


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  1. Great info dear!! Have to get cracking from today onwards…

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