Beach fashion tips: What to wear to the beach to look more elegant and graceful

Happy beach days!

There is one moment which comes in every women’s life- Standing in front of a full closet, hearing the voice, again and again, hurry up we are getting late and have nothing to wear, a woman suddenly starts behaving as a lion, a very aggressive one and that is totally acceptable! I guess…You freak out and end up taking all your clothes out of the closet, throwing your sandals against the wall, crying about how horrifying your life is

And then suddenly an idea pops up in your mind that if in doubt go for black(Even I agree) BUT Wearing black when the sun is burning down on the city will make you feel and look like you just accomplished a marathon: sweaty and suffering!

So the question is: what to wear to the beach?

You’re at the beach, let’s drop the black elegance and embrace this hot season. Let inspire ourselves with  typical feminine color which can look so smooth and romantic, too: PINK with an EGO

So sun lovers, this is for you: Dressing in the color of unconditional love and understanding from top to toe! This dress embodies Strong yet delicate aura.  Elegant and graceful.

Let’s play all your cards with your pink EGO; it has to say I’m beautiful, feminine, fashionable and of course, sexy.

Choose a transparent lip balm as being “natural” is key to win hearts: minimal makeup, Little accessories plus a look that emphasizes your best qualities and your beach hair waves will do the rest


Hope you enjoy the styling and thank you so much for reading!

  1. Hi
    All the best for new found passion , complete opposite to what I assume you as person. But surely it will challenge and excite all PINK EGO of world to look inside and deep to cherish beauty beyond just sight of eye

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