My name is Bhawna Rajput and I’m the Author and Editor of this blog.


Pursue my career in beauty was not what I grew up or expected from my life,Born and raised in a small town (aprx 200km away from New Delhi). My expectations from life was to finish my management degree and to get a decent job, that’s it! Being always creative I choose to start my career in sales and marketing with a pharmaceutical company,after six years of my job I got married and moved to a new city Mumbai but new city didn’t stop me to live my dreams and I continued my creativity.

Life was like a dream come true with my mariner(my life partner) and well settled job. But God had some other plans for me, after 3 years of my marriage I got biggest promotion of my life. I BECAME MOTHER of a cute little son and suddenly everything has changed, my priorities, my expectations my dreams almost EVERYTHING. It was like every new day I was meeting a new person inside me. I was happy, I was enjoying those changes in me and then I thought why not take a break from my 7-9 job to explore something new from within. That was the time when I was prepping my mind soul and body for the next chapter of my life.

But change is certainly not so easy, it is always difficult to mold yourself and same happened with me. After few months or I can say a year I felt a little lost because whenever I walked outside my door and entered the world people forced me to ask my self WHO AM I, I was not use to it I always had my own identity. Sometimes people grilled me with their crazy stupid questions and they believed they are the only one who has asked me this. But honesty that was the best thing ever happened with me.

Beside my job I had a little crush towards beauty and makeup but I never proposed due to some hitch inside me but this time my mariner who knows me better than myself encouraged me to marry my crush and I joined a beauty academy in Mumbai. With resounding enthusiasm from my family and within I started learning and exploring new things about beauty and makeup. After garnering a wealth of experience one day I thought why not to create my own blog to share what I have learned through the years with other women. And that was the day when Elfin girl was born.

My blog is all about celebrating yourself the way u are. EGO is your online buddy who is always with you in your ups and downs weather u are looking for wearing nude lipstick on your wedding day, DIY with your old lying fashion cloths in your wardrobe, a review about your curious product or how to be happy at your work station ( even on Monday) that kinda stuff. I mostly cover trends, makeup tutorial, product review, skin care tips etc on this blog.

Now I am on a never ending journey to find the perfect beauty and health care regiman, I take great pride in being able to share my tips and advice with u. I am sure that everyone can learn something from my blog.

Thanks for choosing me as a part of your journey…

Editor: Ripal Seth


Ripal, started doing yoga from age of 9. Her grand pa (her Dada) introduced her to Yoga and pushed her for various types of exercises. She had an opportunity to lead physical activity class during her school days. She loves to do exercise but never thought of becoming professional teacher. Destiny has written something different for her despite of having career in marketing. With all ups and downs, she has completed her Diploma Yoga from UAE and now she is a Certified Yoga Teacher from International Yoga Alliance and Yoga practitioner in UAE. With elfingirlonline she is determined to share her thoughts about Yoga with world to spread awareness about it.