10 fashion rules for petite women to look taller and slimmer

how to dress to look slim and tall?

Learning the way to carry yourself during this fashion era is an art I feel, and it takes a short while to master.

Few things are beyond our control whereas attempting to appear trendy, affirmative we cannot really do a lot of regarding our height, body type, complexion, hair texture, however, this should not hamper your likelihood to appear just like the most beautiful ladies in this world.

Being elfin if you usually found yourself confuse within the fitting room, and with long dresses, jeans or jackets you’re feeling such as you have come back at once from the 80’s, if you’re nodding along in sympathy, then rest assured, I feel your pain. however, trust me it doesn’t get to be that means.

The story is same for all ladies, as nobody is ideal, somebody would need to be very little short as she is too tall that nothing suits her body terribly simply, and somebody would need to urge hourglass figure, somebody should be inquisitive owing to her complexion and somebody for her hair texture.

I think we must always embrace ourselves in every and each sense, not simply in sizes, colors or stature. you only got to build a wise choice whereas selecting your accessories, colors, prints, and patterns to appear higher, cute and feminine.

I’ve looked at few elfin stars from Bollywood — Madhuri Dixit Nene, Rani Mukerji, Alia Bhatt, Malaika Arora—to see how they use their wardrobes gleaning some helpful tips on the means. though all of them have their own distinctive battle fashion, there is one outfit they have a tendency to avoid: something too bedded.

So what are the guidelines and how to dress to look slim and tall?

I have given the fast summary of the key rules I continually follow to appear tall and spectacular.

Love charming vertical stripes

Go monochrome

Play Big shot with your Short skirts 

Style in Crop high with skirt and boot

Clinch in your waist

Invest in long coat

Skinny denim or pants area unit your BFF

Create a relationship bond with “v” neck

Go for High wasted trousers rather than low waist

If doubtful then go black

If you wish to ascertain these rules in action keep scrolling for outfit concepts that area meant to steal.

Love magical vertical stripes

At simply 25 with a height of 5.3 Alia Bhatt has managed to wow us together with her superb acting skills and fashion decisions numerous times. From dressing up for the red carpet to her casual gesture, it’s obvious that she has perfection in clothing and she additionally believes, that the oldest and therefore the wisest trick is to wear vertical stripes to appear beautiful.

Go monochrome

Bollywood’s favorite item-girl  Malaika Arora Khan is one who Despite  being simply 5.3 feet tall manages to allow us vogue inspiration whenever she is being captured.

Monochrome could be a tough pattern of a form where you’ll carry an outfit that has constant color from the highest to the lowest.This doesn’t mean that you simply would solely wear solid black or solid red from head to toe. No, the thrill of a monochromatic outfit is sporting completely different shades and tints of constant color as one tone dress makes you look additional toned and elongates your figure.

Play Big shot with your Short skirts and boot

Rani Mukherjee With a height of five feet and a couple of inches and a husky voice, creating a reputation in the film industry is certainly tough. Rani has established that acting talent has nothing to do with one’s height.The beauty concerning this look is that it is so straightforward. It’s simply a sleek piece of a casual top with a denim skirt and an identical pair of boots. there is simply one thing about a pointed-toe shoe or boot that attracts the attention down.

Style in Crop top with skirt

The charming diva Madhuri Dixit isn’t blessed within the height department, she’s 5 feet 3.5 inches tall however has the ability to create 1/2 the planet walk behind her together with her straightforward yet trendy appearance.Like Madhuri, you can also wear a crop top and skirt to appear sleeker and hotter

Clinch in your waist

Another good way to appear slimmer and taller is to cover or wear something around your waist to give the illusion of taller women.

Invest in long coat

With the assistance of an extended coat, you can easily build an illusion of taller ladies.

Skinny denim or pants are your BFF

One good way to appear slimmer and taller is to feature skinny pants or tights to your dress. this offers a slender look.

Create a friendship bond with “V” neck

Yes with the right neck pattern and even accessories which are longer one are perfect for short women.

Go for High waist trousers

weather its palazzo or pant doesn’t feel hesitate to wear them, make sure you offer the illusion of longer legs by accentuation your waist

If in doubt then go, Black

As always, all-black outfits are a classic go-to for all shorter women.

Even little heels build a distinction

Saving the foremost obvious for last. Of course, wearing heels can cause you to look taller.

Hope this helps my beautiful elfin women or ladies, and trust me many can say shorter height ought to strictly steer away from certain things, however, if you team the garments well, you’re a winner all the way!

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